Los Angeles Chargers Vs Baltimore Ravens: Open Thread

This is where you head to the comments section and write about the Los Angeles Chargers stomping on the Baltimore Ravens.

Chargers playoffs!!! I can’t believe we are here now! I have been running this site for a long, long time and I have not seen playoffs while doing this! Could you imagine how some of the players on this roster feel? This team hasn’t been here for a while and now we have a good chance at making a run!

This is just the start! My eyes are on big Mike Williams. My eyes are on shifty Austin Ekeler. My eyes are on this playmaking defense. Everyone wants to see if our offense is going to move the ball against the Ravens. I think the team is going to be going to get back to more high percentage plays on first and second down and will take the little chunks and beat the Ravens at their own game. Expect for the team to run the ball with Melvin Gordon over and over and over and over and over again. They have to make that work!

On defense, we have a lot of playmakers that are going to be making big plays. Derwin James is going to be all over the football field. Desmond king is going to be all over the football field. Joey Bosa is going to be all over the football field. Melvin Ingram is going to be all over the football field. The Chargers are going to force Lamar Jackson to beat them through the air and he will not be able to do it.

I know a lot of people are worried because of the way things looked in the last game. It’s not gonna happen again! Philip Rivers is going to break out of that old little slump. This is his time! This is his time to show that he is a championship quarterback.

Let’s get this win and move onto the New England Patriots! We face them next week on Sunday and I really like our chances against them! I think that their time is up and it is time for Phillip to lift that trophy!

To start the open thread: Who is going to stand out this game for the Chargers?