Los Angeles Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens: Open Thread

This is where you talk about the Los Angeles Chargers marching toward that number 1 seed in the comments section.

It is GAMEDAY!!!! It feels like forever since we stole that game against the Kansas City Chiefs! Here we are again and this time we have our eyes on that top spot in the AFC. We want that number 1 seed! After this win, we get to put pressure on the Chiefs to perform on Sunday against the Seahawks.

Let’s take care of business. We already have our playoff spot locked in and now we are comiong for that number 1 spot. Who cares about the baby stadium that we have and who cares about the fake home field advantage. Just make it happen and force teams to come through this way.

I would rather play our playoff games be played in LA instead of Kansas City or Pittsburgh or New England. We can win anywhere and we have shown it, but lets make those teams come through our house.

Now…. about tonight…. The Baltimore Ravens have brought this college style approach up to the NFL. All eyes will be on Lamar Jackson and the defense is going to hit him and hit him and hit him and hit him over and over and over and over and over again. (I can’t believe you guys read all that!) Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram are going to get some good licks on the youngster. Derwin James is going to get a good hit on him. Jahleel Addae will human missile his way through and hit him as well. Our team likes to hit even though they don’t have the size. Haven’t seen a takeaway from this side of the ball in a while…. I think someone will step up under the lights to take one away.

And for Eric Weddle…. He is still salty and he knows a little bit about our offense and our team, but he can’t cover everyone. He gets to see Pro Bowler Keenan Allen. He gets to see Pro Bowler Melvin Gordon. When Eric was on the roster, they were still young cats learning their way. Eric will also get to see the size of Mike Williams and his ability to jump out of the building. We have the playmakers on offense to score on everyone.

Let’s get this number 1.

To start out the thread… Who is going to stand out for the Chargers today?