Anthony Lynn is leading a charge for success

The Los Angeles Chargers moved to 11-3 after a brilliant comeback win in Kansas City. The Bolts still have plenty of work to do, they’re not my words, they were the words spoken in the locker room.

Can they play in the cold? Can they play without Melvin Gordon? Can they contain Patrick Mahomes? The are just a handful of the questions pitched at Anthony Lynn’s team before the AFC West showdown at Arrowhead Stadium.

In November I wrote how the Chargers became more resilient. Solid leadership and mutual respect goes a long way. Having a talented roster is futile if harmony doesn’t exist. Quitting is an easy way out. The Chargers have achieved a playoff berth, such an achievement requires more than talent, it requires the desire to win.

Anthony Lynn is leading from the front

The theory of leadership, teamwork, toughness, resilience and selfless commitment applies to all who have hopes of being successful. There are synergies between successful teams across all sports. You need luck on the way.

The Bolts have earned the right to play football in January, but that’s as far as it goes for now. The facts are simple, they’re winning football games against the odds. A change in attitude and belief starts in the locker room. Coach Lynn is motivating his players in a way comparable to that of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United.

Ferguson knew how to motivate. He also set exceptional standards and expected his players to stand up for the shirt on the field-of-play. Ferguson didn’t always get it right. Even in the treble winning year of 1999 there was room for improvement.

Is it a coincidence players such as Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen are having one of their best seasons? Allen is enjoying consecutive 1,000-yard seasons under coach Lynn.

Rookie Derwin James has emerged as a real talent. The 17th-overall draft pick has played to such a level he is mentioned in the Defensive Rookie-of-the-Year conversation. James, like Rivers, Allen and their teammates. play football with a smile on their face. Rivers’ enthusiasm is infectious. There’s evidence of a veteran who has worked hard to make improvements to his game.

Stepping up

‘Next man up’ is a cliche used in every locker room. In 2017 Mike Williams had an inaugural season to forget. Fast forward to 2018 and Williams is becoming a pivotal member of the roster. He’s caught 37 passes for 592 yards, nine touchdowns and a rushing touchdown.  No. 81 gives Rivers options when Allen is not available. The coaching staff ought to be delighted with the way Williams’ season is progressing.

Lynn’s positive attitude is like that of Liverpool head coach Jürgen Klopp. Both coaches have faith in their players. Fostering a positive culture breeds confidence and increases the ability to win games. You can’t teach that.

Lynn spoke about the decision to go for the win following the team’s late touchdown, via the team’s official website.

“We did not come here to tie. We came here to win. To me, it was a no brainer.… I told Ken Whisenhunt if we get the ball and score, get your two-point play ready. We are going for it.”

Setting goals one at a time, the Chargers face the Baltimore Ravens in Week 16. Postseason football discussions can wait for now, the AFC West is up for grabs. The Chargers may not have earned total respect in the league and they have no control over that.

Coach Lynn, however, has control in his building. At 11-3, people had better take notice, Lynn is leading a charge. It’s not the same old Chargers.