Los Angeles Chargers’ Week 1 open thread

KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 16: Quarterback Philip Rivers
KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 16: Quarterback Philip Rivers /

The NFL season has finally arrived! The Los Angeles Chargers are ready to roll and will be welcoming the Kansas City Chiefs in for game one.

It’s just the first game of teh season, but the stakes are already high. Why is that? Because it’s the Chiefs, a team the Chargers just haven’t been able to beat. But let’s suppose that streak ends. After all, streaks are made to be broken. Look at what the Kentucky Wildcats did in “The Swamp” against the Florida Gators on Saturday night.

Should the Chargers be able to exercise their demons and defeat the Chiefs, the season really couldn’t possibly get off to a better start.

Up next would be the Buffalo Bills and Nathan Peterman and for a team that started 0-4 last year, it could be the polar opposite this year. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s focus on the Chiefs, a team the Chargers have lost eight straight games to.

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Patrick Mahomes will take the reigns at quarterback, replacing Alex Smith, a player who was just a Chargers killer. Kareem Hunt had 327 yards rushing in two games against the Chargers last season so the run defense, which was absolutely terrible last season, is going to be tested early.

So let’s get the season started. Get out your snacks, get out your drinks, make sure your fantasy lineups are set and let’s see if the Chargers can break this hex that the Chiefs cast on them years ago.

Is this the Chargers year? It starts with this game. Join us for conversation about this game, this season and all things Chargers in the comment section below.