Can the Chargers and Rams both find success in LA?


Los Angeles is known for its sports teams and with the recent success of the Rams, they’re the number one team in town. But what about the other professional football team in LA? The Chargers are flying under the radar and have been labeled by some as the “underdogs”

There are many teams in LA and some go unnoticed but the Rams have found recent success there while the Chargers have yet to make it to the playoffs.

Both teams are coming into training camp with second-year head coaches so the expectation is high for both sides. The Rams head coach, Sean McVay, has shown that he can handle the LA market and has the roster to show for it. Can the Chargers head coach, Anthony Lynn, say the same?

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Yes and No.

This Chargers team has the roster to not only challenge for the top spot in LA but compete for a Super Bowl. The question some are asking is why aren’t the Chargers getting the press they deserve?

They play in LA, right?

Flying under the radar is good for Chargers fans. No one will see them coming once they’re competing for a playoff spot come season’s end. But let’s hope they clinch the division sooner rather than later.

However, the Rams have shown that they can compete with the best of the best and is the better football team in LA as of now.

The term “Battle For LA” is one that will follow both of these organizations for some time to come. Both teams have the roster to compete for a championship.

The Rams kick off training camp on July 26 at the University of California. The Chargers start their training camp on July 28 in Costa Mesa.

The Chargers play the Rams Week 3 of the season. This won’t be an ordinary game, this is the battle for LA.