Could ‘Supa Mel’ play tight end?


One can’t help but feel that this year for the Los Angeles Chargers is continuing to feel bigger and bigger every week.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist of football (or analyst) to look at the potential roster the Bolts are looking to showcase this year. As football season nears, the Chargers can’t seem to stop picking up more and more swagger. This train is picking up speed and intends on running right into the Super Bowl. The big fuel to the “swag fire” has been defensive captain, Melvin Ingram.

I have always believed that a defensive unit could not be legendary until they develop an attitude, swagger or even a bad boy mentality. If you look at the Baltimore Ravens legendary defense for years, it was driven by the swagger of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

Seattle has the “Legion of Boom” and the Denver Broncos defense had Aqib Talib chirping in the background. But who would be the guy or what type of swagger could the Chargers defense inherit?

The one that is called, “Supa Mel,” started making his statement last year. The one who has labeled the defensive unit as, “The Bolt Gang,” keeps voicing his opinion and letting people know that the Chargers plan to play well into January as well as February.

While we think it could stop there, it doesn’t. The Chargers have stumbled upon a massive injury. Hunter Henry tearing his ACL has left a pretty massive hole to fill at tight end.

“Joey, this is offense! Mel plays defensive end… DEFENSE!” Yes this is true, I couldn’t agree more! Defense is not offense, unless your defense is offensive! Yes, Peyton Manning trash talk 101.

Now onto how this all ties together. According to ESPN’s Eric Williams, Ingram had this to say:

“It’s just getting in where I can fit in, you feel me? Just making some plays — the more you can do — everybody here knows that I want to get me a couple touches.”

Intriguing to say the least. Now Ingram has a history of being lighthearted and this could just be Melvin pulling the media’s leg, but facts are there to support this discussion.

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Ingram has put on shows of being a complete athlete. From standing backflips to rumors of him being capable of throwing a football the length of the field, it is hard not to entertain the thought of Ingram lining up as a tight end this season.

While it would be far from full time, short-yardage and red-zone situations would be tempting to at least try out in practice. While Braedon Bowman is making a name for himself and Antonio Gates is still no where to be seen, it’s not far fetched to think that Melvin could chip in a little.

While the tight end position is looking pretty cloudy at this point, what the Chargers are going to do has yet to be revealed.

When something happens to a warship it’s all hands on deck and the Chargers have had time to prepare for a next-man-up mentality. Ingram is taking on the leadership role and bringing it to a whole new level. No doubt that “Supa Mel,” is feeling super charged for the season!

Bolt Pride!