Joey Nicks

Ever since I could remember sports has been my life. I find a certain peace, comradery, and above all triumph in the game. I have followed the Chargers ever since I could remember, Bobby Ross, Stan "The Man" Humphries, Natrone Means "Business," and of course Junior Seau. Football is my passion, my life, my know all be all. If you have a question, I know the answer. If I don't, I WILL find it out. Born and raised in NJ, it was very hard to follow, but I always found a way. I haven't missed a Chargers game in 6 years to date (regular, and post season). I will ALWAYS follow my boys no matter what, but I will not be biased. I say what I believe. I will also not shy away from saying what I think needs to be done to help us be Champions! Is it possible to love a sport anymore? It's hard to imagine so! Show your BOLT PRIDE and I promise, you guys will not be disappointed.