Predicting the Chargers record in 2018

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SAN DIEGO, CA – OCTOBER 12: Wide receiver Keenan Allen
SAN DIEGO, CA – OCTOBER 12: Wide receiver Keenan Allen /

Weeks 9-12

Overview: Standing at the halfway point of the season with one of the best records in the NFL, there aren’t a lot of teams that can stand in the way of the Chargers. Unfortunately, the schedule from this point on only gets tougher and as the season winds down, the team finds more and more challenges.

Toughest Opponent: Going to Pittsburgh during the early parts of winter is definitely not an ideal setting for a team from sunny southern California. Playing against one of the best trios in the NFL will also prove challenging for the team as they face Big Ben and Co. Add an up-and-coming star in Juju Smith and Los Angeles will have an early look at a possible playoff opponent and in the schedule could be their toughest matchup. To win this game, the offense will have to try to slow the game down and give the Steelers’ offense the least amount of opportunities on the field. On defense it will be all hands on deck as they attempt to stop the ball at all levels of the field.

Game To Watch: Although watching Los Angeles and Pittsburgh could be a fun game to watch, it might not be as enjoyable as watching a revamped Denver Broncos’ offense take on the ball hawking Chargers secondary. One of the heroes of the ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ will have his work cut out for him and the Chargers who have always had trouble with the Broncos’ pass-rushing attack. It will be fun to watch how each team prepares.

Overall Record: 3-1 (10-2)

BALTIMORE, MD – NOVEMBER 01: Quarterback Joe Flacco
BALTIMORE, MD – NOVEMBER 01: Quarterback Joe Flacco /

Weeks 13-17

Overview: Still standing as one of the best teams in the NFL, Los Angeles goes into the last quarter of the season strong and hopefully injury free. With a strong offense and defense, the team is in good shape as they head into the playoffs in first place in the AFC West.

Toughest Opponent: The Baltimore Ravens, much like the Chargers, had to rely on other teams at for their shot at the playoffs and both teams were disappointed as they were sent packing earlier than they would’ve liked. Both teams are working at all costs to prevent that from happening again and for 60 minutes we will have fun watching that. The last time Keenan Allen faced the Ravens, he met the end of his season as he ruptured his spleen and was unable to finish a possible record-breaking season. One has to believe that Allen will play with a chip on his shoulder as well as a bitter former Charger Eric Weddle who is looking to spoil the fun for his former team.

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Game To Watch: Facing the team that gives you the most trouble twice a year for Rivers but with the way the season is going, Philip can relax a little bit and not be forced to carry the team. In turn this allows less turnovers and more of a chance to put the team into position to win in several different ways against the Chiefs.

Overall Record: 2-2 (12-4)

Overall I believe if the team stays injury free, they can compete with the best teams in the NFL. With a Hall-of-Famer under center and a myriad of weapons around him, the offense can resemble that of the 2006-2007 Chargers with No. 21.

On defense, if the run defense improves, the team will easily have one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL and with the coaching staff, we could see the Bolts hold the Lombardi sooner rather than later.