Joey Bosa listed as one of NFL’s most ‘untradeable’ players


The NFL features several franchise players and just about every team has at least one player that just can’t be parted with.

With the recent news that the New York Giants could be shopping wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., Adam Rank of comprised his own list of players that simply can’t be traded. There are only eight players in the entire league on his list and a member of the Los Angeles Chargers is one of them.

That player would be defensive lineman Joey Bosa.

Rank argues that keeping Bosa in the fold helps the Chargers win the Battle for L.A., but there are much more important reasons why he should never be traded.

Bosa is the best football player on the Chargers’ roster. He’s also one of the best defensive players in football and he’s become that in just two seasons at the professional level. In the first 20 games of his career, Bosa had already registered 19 sacks, more than any player through 20 games in NFL history.

You can’t trade players like that.

Championships in today’s NFL are won by teams with competent quarterback play, a solid pass rush and a playmaking secondary. Bosa allows the team to have one of those elements.

While trading a guy like Philip Rivers would be a shocking pill for Chargers fans to swallow, he would arguably be easier to replace than Bosa, if for no other reason than the 14-year difference in age between the two players.

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At 22 years old, Bosa has a huge window to solidify himself as one of the best players in the NFL, and Rank recognizes that fact by putting him on this short list.

While you could make strong arguments against some of the players Rank put on this list, Bosa is one who you can not.

Though the Chargers are still looking for the right recipe to get the team its first Lombardi Trophy, the organization has always done a great job at hanging on to its superstars. LaDainian Tomlinson, Junior Seau, Rivers and Antonio Gates each spent (or have spent) the majority or their playing careers with the Bolts and unless a team somewhere down the road presents the craziest of trade offers to obtain Bosa, big No. 99 will too.

And that trade offer would have to be even crazier than the ones being discussed for Beckham Jr.