Offseason moves that will help Chargers in 2018

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Sign Bennie Logan

The 28-year old has fared well in his career, out-muscling his opponents with his build and length, pad level, and snap quickness.

Bennie Logan can drop to a knee and create leverage with his hands against double teams. He also fares well regaining leverage after initial contact, as he plugs up would be running lanes. His ball awareness, pursuit and tackling ability are all impressive. With the dynamic duo on the outside, Logan will fit right in and make an impact almost immediately.

L.A. would sign experience over developing a rookie and running the risk of facing trial and error. This could be beneficial for the offense as they can focus on a future of the franchise as the quarterback class proves to be full of some of the most talented young athletes seen in recent years.

FOXBORO, MA – OCTOBER 29: Tyrell Williams
FOXBORO, MA – OCTOBER 29: Tyrell Williams /

Trade Tyrell Williams

In his three years in Los Angeles, Tyrell Williams has been a reliable player, gifted with immense speed and size. Williams has stepped up when Keenan Allen went down with an injury and has served as a decent target for Philip Rivers. Unfortunately it seems like his role on the team will only diminish with the return of Allen and the bigger roles played by Hunter Henry and last year’s first-round pick, Mike Williams.

Henry has seen both of his first two seasons cut short due to injury but has managed to play a huge role in the passing game alongside future Hall of Famer, Antonio Gates. Henry’s role will only increase as he gets better and more experienced as well as gains the trust of his quarterback.

Mike Williams was plagued with a back injury almost immediately after he was drafted and that put a damper on a lot of his rookie year as he looked like a deer in the headlights for much of the year. He will have the entire offseason to build some chemistry with Rivers and come into his sophomore campaign as a big weapon for the team.

ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 22: Mike Williams
ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 22: Mike Williams /

A healthy Mike Williams will prove to be a big asset to the team as he proved in college he could do something Tyrell has been struggling to do, catch in traffic. In 2016, Rivers threw nine of his 21 interceptions when he was throwing to Tyrell Williams and in 2017, it was more of the same as he struggled to fight for the ball.

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This may seem as a questionable trade to make as Tyrell Williams has had a solid NFL career and plays a big role in the passing game, but he is someone that can do the team some good if he was traded for a fair price. With Tyrell Williams, a team that needs a good receiver can benefit from the skills of the 26-year old.

Los Angeles needs several players on both offense and defense to help make a run for the playoffs and the wideout is not one of them.  They could target an interior lineman on offense or a quality running back to compliment Melvin Gordon. On defense, they can focus on an interior linebacker or a solid defensive tackle for the price of losing Tyrell.

He is talented but once the season starts he can be the most expendable player.