Los Angeles Chargers’ fanbase fails to get into the Fandom 250


FanSided has released its annual list of the top fanbases in the world of sports and entertainment, and the Los Angeles Chargers don’t make the list.

Every year, FanSided puts together a list that has become known as the Fandom 250. It’s just that—a list of the top 250 fanbases. The full list for 2017 can be seen here.

That lists includes 16 NFL teams and all three of the other teams in the AFC West make the list, including the Kansas City Chiefs, who fall inside the top 30 slots. Apparently, success on the field doesn’t translate to this particular list as the only team in the AFC West not on it could end up winning the division.

But we shouldn’t be real surprised.

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The Chargers are playing quite well this season and have turned things around after an 0-4 start. But they’re also still trying to acclimate to Los Angeles after the organization spurned San Diego. In fact, if we’re honest, this could be the Fandom 500 and the Chargers may not be on it.

But that could change.

Winning changes things, especially in a city as big as L.A. If the Chargers reach a certain level of success, a mass audience in the City of Angels will take notice. Well established organizations such as the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers are on the list.

Could the Chargers ever get to that level? It would be extremely difficult, but the team is making strides to get to that goal.

For now, we’ll have to settle for the fact that East Mississippi Community College, the movie Saw, crossfit and some guy named Aziz Ansari apparently have bigger fanbases than the Chargers. Some day, with a large amount of success, the Chargers could find themselves on this list too.

We can be optimistic, right?