5 Takeaways from Los Angeles Chargers’ rout of Buffalo Bills

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5. Run defense has to be better than on Sunday

The Chargers’ run defense has been fairly good this season. But not Sunday.. LeSean McCoy averaged 8.8 yards per carry and had a huge burst to the end zone. Luckily, it ended up not meaning much in the end. It’s also good that we won’t be going up against Zeke Elliott on Sunday with his suspension, but it has to better. Denzel Perryman and the rest of the run-stop team have to do exactly that, stop the run. With a really solid secondary, we cannot afford to give up chunk yards on run plays.

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The NFL is a crazy league and the Chargers got an awesome win. What once seemed like “The Chargers are close to done” territory seems not quite like that anymore. They are one game out of the Wild Card and just two games out of the division lead. It was nice to see everything finally come together in a dominant win like that.

There’s not much time to celebrate though. The Chargers hit the road for a prime time Thanksgiving game in Dallas with the potential for a big win. The Cowboys are coming off losing their last two games by over 20+ points and the Chargers seem to be on the upswing after Sunday. But they cannot afford to have a letdown here. If the Chargers can get to 5-6 and come home to the Cleveland Browns after a 10-day break, they’ll be back in business.