SPOILER: Predictions for the Chargers’ bout with Giants

CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 01: Philip Rivers
CARSON, CA - OCTOBER 01: Philip Rivers /

The Los Angeles Chargers are officially 0-4. This week will be the test to see if the Bolts are as bad as their record. A battle with the New York Giants (0-4) showcases two quarterbacks from the star-studded 2004 draft class. With the Chargers staring down the barrel of an 0-5 start, it’s time to unleash their talent.

Predictions total on the year: 2-16.

Two winless teams face-off in New York for a game that at the beginning of the season was expected to feature two competitors. However, after an unforeseen turn of events for both franchises, each team is fighting to revive their season.

Here’s what will go down.

Prediction One: Giants and Chargers combine for 600+ yards and 50+ points

CARSON, CA – OCTOBER 01: Patrick Robinson
CARSON, CA – OCTOBER 01: Patrick Robinson /

This prediction doesn’t boast a whole lot of hope for either defense. However, who doesn’t like to see a shootout between two teams with plenty of talent.

Philip Rivers and Eli Manning both have a full house of pass catchers. Although the Giants’ wide receivers haven’t performed to their expected standards thus far, it should change Sunday.

Neither team has been a defensive powerhouse as of late, but the Chargers’ offense really came together last week. Keenan Allen and Tyrell Williams both had phenomenal days.

Fans should expect another superstar outing from not only Allen and Williams, but Hunter Henry, Travis Benjamin and the rest of the group.

For the Giants they have one of the most talented players in the league in Odell Beckham Jr., not to mention, Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram as well.

It’s going to be a day of yards, points and possibly a victory for one of these two winless squads.

Prediction Two: Chargers O-line doesn’t give up a single sack

SAN DIEGO, CA – NOVEMBER 13: Philip Rivers
SAN DIEGO, CA – NOVEMBER 13: Philip Rivers /

For the last few seasons, everyone has been demanding the Chargers fix their offensive line. Well they seem to have done that – at least when it comes to pass protection.

Philip Rivers has only been sacked six times throughout the year. Not bad for a quarterback who’s known for his post-sack “tantrums”.

This season is the complete opposite for Rivers and company.

With the Chargers traveling to New York, there is an expectation for the crowd to have a factor in pass protection calls.

Despite home-field advantage and an expensive group of pass rushers, the Giants haven’t been dominant in their attempt at bringing down opposing gunslingers. The men in blue are averaging two sacks a game.

Prediction Three: Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. goes for 100+ receiving yards and a touchdown


OBJ has yet to bring in 100 receiving yards in a single game this season. He’s averaging about 68.3 yards per game.

However, a match against the Chargers’ secondary must have Beckham Jr. licking his chops.

A team that is known for running primarily zone coverage is exactly what talented guys like OBJ look for. Although the Chargers’ weakest link this season has been their run defense, it’ll change on Sunday.

The Giants pass-catching group is filled with talent and experience. In fact, they probably have one of the deepest groups in the league.

This week, Manning and company will finally begin to click through the air.

Prediction Four: Eli Manning commits three or more turnovers

A duel between Rivers and Eli Manning always seems to revolve around how many turnovers each quarterback throws.

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I mean come on, the two quarterbacks that were swapped on draft day back in 2004 has to come down to which one holds onto the football.

Come Sunday, it will be Manning with the higher turnover ratio.

Throughout their careers, these two have both been known to get a little sloppy when it comes to interceptions. Rivers actually led the league in interceptions last year.

However, the only thing Manning is better known for than his Super Bowl rings, is his inability to hang onto the ball.

A few picks and a fumble here or there should round out a careless outing for the Giants’ starting quarterback.