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Los Angeles Chargers vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Game Preview


The biggest question this week for me is, what Chargers team will show up?

Play so far this season has been erratic. The second biggest question is, will the Chargers find a new way to lose this week? But before we get into talking about what to expect, let’s look at the numbers.

OffenseScoring: Chargers 26th / Eagles 10thYardage: Chargers 18th / Eagles 9thPassing: Chargers 11th / Eagles 10thRushing: Chargers 27th / Eagles 9th

DefenseScoring: Chargers 19th / Eagles 22thYardage: Chargers 13th / Eagles 21thPassing: Chargers 5th / Eagles 25thRushing: Chargers 31th / Eagles 6th

Looking at the numbers it seems the Chargers will have an uphill battle on Sunday. Philly is boasting a top-five run defense and a top-10 offense. The Chargers are struggling at putting points on the board. The Chargers are 18th in offensive yardage but only 26th in scoring. The Chargers’ pass defense ranking also jumps off the board, however, that may just be a result of the poor run defense as teams are choosing to run the ball against the Bolts.

What Chargers defense will show up? Is it the team from the first quarter of last week or the team that played quarters 2-4? Is it the team that expects linebackers to cover WRs 1-on-1 down the field or have they cleared up that nonsense by Week 4? As good as the Chargers’ defense has looked at times, it has also looked very suspect at other times. I am hopeful that they are getting into a groove. However, I am also concerned that they do not have an answer for the linebackers’ poor pass coverage problems. If the defense that played quarters 2-4 of the Chiefs game shows up, the Chargers may have a chance to notch their first win.

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What Chargers offense will show up? Will it be the team that actually moved the ball on the ground or will it revert to the team that was unable to move the ball in the first two weeks. Philly has a pretty stout run defense. I hope the Chargers are able to move the ball on the ground or all the pressure will be on Rivers. While we are talking about Phil, I wonder which Phil will show up? He played great in the first two games but had a real stinker last week.  If the Philly run defense is as good in real life as it is on paper, Rivers will need to bring his A game. And for Rivers to be successful, the line needs to show up as well. I hope it will be the line that has steadily been improving through the season and not the line that stumbled out of the blocks.

Which Anthony Lynn will show up? Will it be the Lynn who talked about a new culture in the offseason or the Lynn who seemed a little confused at the start of the season. Will he come out aggressive looking to win or will he be on heels all game? Note to Lynn: We need the killer instinct, so freaking bring it on Sunday!

What do you expect to see on Sunday?