Chargers will have 10th most expensive tickets in league for 2017 season


The Los Angeles Chargers are going to be playing in a new city in 2017 and a stadium that holds less than 30,000 fans. But that’s not going to mean tickets will be any less costly.

According to secondary marketplace TickPick, the Chargers will charge an average of $230.38 for a ticket to a game this season. That ranks as the tenth most-expensive average ticket price in the NFL.

The StubHub Center will house the Chargers until their new stadium, which the team will share with the Los Angeles Rams, is ready. Until now, anyone who has ever attended a sporting event at the Stub has seen the Los Angeles Galaxy compete in MLS soccer. According to the MLS website, you can get a ticket to the Galaxy’s next game and sit in section 111 for $150 plus taxes and fees.

When looking at the chart of average ticket prices for each team in the NFL as tweeted out by TickPick, most of the team’s in the top 10 have had recent success. For instance, the two most expensive tickets in the league belong to the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, the two teams to play in the Super Bowl last season.

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They are followed by the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Chargers are coming off a 9-23 record over the last two seasons.

By charging an average of $230 per ticket this season, the organization isn’t necessarily saying “come see our championship caliber team” but rather, “come see this team in its new setting”. Some fans may even see those ticket prices as the team trying to get a little extra back as it knows most teams will half more than twice as many fans fill their stadiums.

So what side of the fence do you sit on? Is $230 a reasonable price to go watch a game at StubHub? Or is that price tag enough to make you stay home and watch the games from your recliner?