SPOILER: Predictions for the Chargers divisional showdown against the Broncos


It’s almost here. We are just days away from the Los Angeles Chargers playing in their first game of the 2017-18 season.

With a new year among us, there are countless different situations the Bolts could find themselves in come Monday. Despite kickoff being a couple of days out, it’s time to see what’s going to happen.

Prediction One: Antonio Gates will break the all-time record for TD receptions by a tight end

Let’s start off simple for the first of four predictions.

Antonio Gates is a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Gates has nearly 900 receptions, 11,192 yards and 111 touchdowns.

Tony Gonzalez is currently tied with Gates for the prestigious record. However, while Gates is entering his 15th season, it took Gonzalez 17 years to set the mark of 111 touchdowns.

Going into Monday night’s primetime showdown with the Denver Broncos, there isn’t a better time for Gates to solidify himself as a top-three tight end in league history.

He faces the Broncos a minimum of twice a year and how much of a slap in the face would it be if he set the record on their home field. Nothing sweeter than breaking a record in a division rival’s stadium.

Gates may not be set up for a monstrous season, but he is in a position to set a new record on Monday night that could very well last a decade.

Prediction Two: Keenan Allen will have 100 receiving yards and two TDs

DENVER, CO – JANUARY 12: Keenan Allen
DENVER, CO – JANUARY 12: Keenan Allen /

Keenan Allen is back and ready to play. The videos on social media haven shown fans exactly what they want to see, a healthy Allen.

If that wasn’t enough, he performed in the preseason without succumbing to another setback. In five games against the Broncos, Allen has recorded 303 receiving yards and five touchdowns..

Bolt nation has seen Allen dominate the Broncos’ defensive backs in the past. The only change this season is he is healthy and determined to prove to the league he can stay that way.

Not only does Allen have a chance at making a statement, but he has an opportunity to retake his position as the Chargers’ No. 1 receiver.

With a bold performance against an elite secondary, the former California Bear will reclaim his place in an intriguing offense.

Prediction Three: Joey Bosa will sack Trevor Siemian three times

Out of the four predictions, this one is most likely to occur.

Now you may be thinking “there is no way Joey Bosa can sack Trevor Siemian three times.” However, you’d be wrong. The former Ohio State Buckeye is a ridiculous athlete, who might I mention now has a full training camp under his belt.

Bosa is no longer a rookie, which means opposing teams will game plan for him. Except there is one problem with that statement. Bosa is one of the best defenders the league has seen over the last five years.

His motor and determination is just below J.J. Watt. His ability is equal to Von Miller, and so on.

You may be reading this scratching your head now, but after Monday night, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see Bosa’s sack total.

Prediction Four: Chargers will not allow a rushing TD

CARSON, CA – AUGUST 20: Defensive back Desmond King
CARSON, CA – AUGUST 20: Defensive back Desmond King /

In this day and age, the majority of fans play fantasy football. If you do, think back to your fantasy draft. What round was a Denver running back selected?


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The Denver Broncos most-effective running back, Devontae Booker, is currently injured. C.J. Anderson will go up against a defense that has been rebuilt in nearly every way possible.

The Denver offensive line lacks experience and a leader. On the other side of the ball, the Chargers are a constructed force up front. Melvin Ingram, Bosa and Brandon Mebane are true run-stuffing animals.

This game has the potential to be played out in a million different ways, but one of those won’t be an eyebrow-raising game from the Broncos’ tailbacks.