Los Angeles Chargers: What is Philip Rivers’ main goal for 2017 season?


When a quarterback is getting ready to enter his 14th season in the league, he’s generally seen and done it all.

In the case of Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, he’s seen many ups and downs while taking every snap for the team since 2006. This season. he faces the challenge of endearing himself to a new city while chasing a postseason berth and the elusive Super Bowl ring.

As the team starts OTAs, you’d expect him to name winning a Super Bowl as his main objective. But Rivers wants to focus on something simple, something that should help his team put marks in the win column and in turn, pushing toward a playoff spot.

“I’ve just really kind of narrowed it down to protecting the ball this offseason. Obviously, there are things in the pocket and all the different drills we do.  I know it’s broad, and there’s a story to every turnover, but really it’s about protecting the football”, Rivers told Hayley Elwood of the team’s official website.

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That all makes perfect sense. If Rivers has a weakness, it’s a propensity to turn the ball over a little too often. That was certainly the case last season, as Rivers tossed a career-high 21 interceptions. Who can forget this terrible decision?

“Now is the time to try to make some throws.  You don’t want to go out there and play scared.  We’re recreating that habit of protecting the ball and so far, it’s been a pretty good start…. I just think that if we do that, if I do a better job of that, you’re automatically winning a few more games than you won last year.  And then, you give yourself a chance in those other games that are down to the wire”, Rivers told Elwood.

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It seems that Rivers is ready to make the changes necessary to build a winner in Los Angeles. He’s one of the most complete, competitive quarterbacks in the league. If he can limit costly mistakes, he’ll be as good as anyone.