San Diego Chargers stadium vote part of Election Day


Tuesday, November 8th. The day is here. In addition to voting for the next President of the United States, there will be several proposals to vote on as well. Measure C, the proposal put forth by the San Diego Chargers to get a new stadium, will be one of those proposals.

The proposal asks the public to approve an increase in the hotel occupancy tax which would the necessary funds for a new stadium, in theory.

However, the saga will be far from over regardless of Tuesday’s results.

First, the Chargers will need to get two-thirds of the vote in order to move forward with the proposed stadium plan. If that doesn’t happen, the Chargers will need to make a decision. Do they want to move into Los Angeles with the Rams? They have until January to make that decision and if they turn it down, that option would go to the Raiders. Would the Chargers be willing to suck it up and stay in San Diego?

The Raiders, who have expressed interest in Las Vegas, would have an open option in San Diego if the Chargers were to exercise the option to join the Rams. What a story that would be.

Obviously, questions are abound regarding the situation, but former Chargers players weighed in on it at the team’s recent alumni weekend, as reported by Bryce Miller of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

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“If it doesn’t pass, I just hope the city and Chargers have a Plan B versus, ‘We’ve got to figure it out,. It’s been going on too long to be figuring it out. That Plan B should be done already. That’s leadership”, said former Chargers tight end Kellen Winslow.

Wes Chandler, a former wide receiver for the team, looked at the importance of the vote.

“You’re voting on more than just the San Diego Chargers and a stadium. To me, it’s a humanitarian opportunity. It’s a chance to provide jobs. When you have a chance to make an impact on someone’s life with a job, think about that janitor, that ticket-taker, that usher.”

“I’m sadly pessimistic about the outcome. It would be difficult for anything to pass by two-thirds, especially since the opposition is characterizing it as tax increase. Technically it is, but it’s the people outside of San Diego who stay in our hotels”, said former offensive lineman Ron Mix.

Finally, former quarterback Stan Humphries, the only quarterback to ever take the team to the Super Bowl, hopes that the team’s memories will be preserved.

“Can we get 50, 55 percent and see some momentum? And not lose our team and not lose all the memories that are built here. Take a team like the Seattle SuperSonics. Nobody remembers anything the SuperSonics did. So everything that’s been done here by the Chargers, I would hate to lose that.”

It will be an interesting story to continue to follow. Regardless of the result, make sure to get out and vote!