Three San Diego Chargers who must play big vs. Jaguars


Before each game I will be covering 3 players that need to perform well to help the San Diego Chargers come out on top. This week the Chargers face the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Game 2 of the regular season, is it too early to say this is a must win? Yes. Is it worrisome if the Chargers lose? Definitely. Teams that start 0-2 have made the playoffs 12% of the time. Those odds are not pretty. Here are 3 players that need to have solid performances to ensure the Chargers aren’t against the odds for the remainder of the season.

QB Philip Rivers

Historically Philip Rivers has played the Jaguars extremely well thanks to a fluid pass attack. This game cannot be the exception. Rivers will need to analyze the Jaguars defense early to find who will be a reliable passing option. A slow start by the Chargers can’t be allowed to happen given how talented the Jaguars offense is. If Rivers doesn’t find a grove until later in the game, it might be too late.

OLB Melvin Ingram

Against the Chiefs, Melvin Ingram was a ghost. That’s not a good start for a player currently in his contract year. This has to change in week 2. Last year Blake Bortles finished second in touchdown passes, but also finished with the most interceptions thrown. Bortles is a significant threat in the pass game, but if pressure is applied he can make mistakes. Ingram needs to bring that pressure, and with the upgrades on the Chargers defensive line this year, he has no excuse not to.

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WR Tyrell Williams

I don’t care what they say; with Keenan Allen out someone needs to step up. People may argue that a committee approach should be taken when it comes to passing. I disagree. 1 player needs to rise up and be the focal point, someone Rivers can rely on to make a play when under pressure or facing 3rd-and-longs. Tyrell Williams is that guy. Williams has the natural ability to be a solid receiver in the NFL, it’s time for him to prove it.

Extra Credit

LB Jatavis Brown

Last week the Chargers got destroyed in the middle of the field. It was a big mistake placing Manti Te’o and Denzel Perryman in coverage. This Sunday the middle doesn’t get any easier to cover. The Jaguars have experienced and talented tight end Julius Thomas. Instead of placing Te’o and Perryman in coverage, the Chargers would be wiser to go with Jatavis Brown who has more ability in coverage, and can even be relied on in blitzing packages.

TE Hunter Henry

It’s time for the Chargers to unleash their new weapon. Hunter Henry was barely used in the passing game last week. That should have been a crime. Henry can be one of the biggest offensive weapons for the Chargers. Having the ability to block and pass catch makes play action a thing of beauty.

White Hot Sunday! Who do you think needs to have a good game to help the Chargers pull off a win? Let me know in the comments down below. Bolt up!