Week 2: There isn’t much history between Jags and Chargers


The San Diego Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars have an understandably short history. The Bolts have only been around since 1960 and the Jags since ’95. And while it’s not the Bears-Packers, there are some interesting tidbits concerning the 2 teams.

The Chargers hold a 6-2 series edge on the Jags with an overall point differential of  236-144. The Chargers have never lost to the Jaguars in Qualcomm as they are 3-0 there (I know, I know, I just had  to bring that up). Their record in Jacksonville is 3-2. Both teams lost at one point to the Patriots in an AFC championship game. Jacksonville in ’97 and the Chargers in 2008 (Boy did I hate to bring that up). The interesting part of the Jaguars loss in the AFC title game is that it was their second year in existence, second year!!  Even more amazing is that the Carolina Panthers, also in their second year,  made it to the NFC championship game where they lost to the eventual Super Bowl champs, the Green Bay Packers. Could have been quite a Super Bowl, two one-year old expansion teams!

As far as personnel goes, the common thread here is Keenan McCardell. Keenan was part of the thunder and lightning receiver corps with Jimmy Smith in Jacksonville in the mid-to-late 90’s. McCardell made the Pro Bowl in 1996 with over 1,100 yards and 85 catches. He later went to Tampa Bay where he won a Super Bowl. After his stint in Tampa, he came to San Diego where he was part of some very good Charger teams under Marty Schottenheimer. McCardell’s best year in SD was 2005 when he  caught 70 passes for 917 yards and 9 T’s. Those were some great Charger teams.

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Looking back at this last weekend is tough. It reminds me of one of McCardell’s teams in SD. The Bolts had to play the Bengals on the road. They were down 21-0 at the end of quarter 1 and 28-7 at the half against Cincinnati. Sound vaguely familiar? The Bolts came back to win 49-41. Now I know what it means to be on the other side of one of these nightmares.

Anyway, we get a shot at home against the Jags this Sunday. Kinda of hoping Joey Bosa plays. I wonder how Jalen Ramsey will do with the Jaguars? Ya know, the guy we didn’t select.

What a shame about Keenan Allen. As I authored this article every time I wrote Keenan McCardell I thought about Keenan Allen. Everyone else has to step up. Hope all the Bolts fans show up. We’ll need the support!!!