Chargers bring in Ken Whisenhunt to run the offense


The Chargers have brought in Ken Whisenhunt to run the offense in the 2016 season. It was going to be either Whiz or Mike McCoy calling the plays in 2016 and the team decided to go with the veteran to call the shots.

The last time that Whiz was calling the plays, the team controlled the football on offense with the running game and got the team into the playoffs. It will be a focus going into the coming season. The team spent the draft choice to take Melvin Gordon in the first round in the draft, but they could not create running lanes for him. Whisenhunt’s priority will be to get him going.

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Philip Rivers and most of the offense already know what it takes to work with Whisenhunt and that should be beneficial for the team. Philip will need to get the ball off quickly and will be looking to find Keenan Allen and Stevie Johnson on the quick hitters. Danny Woodhead and Antonio Gates will be top targets on the offense again. The team just needs to find some magic in the running game.

Melvin Gordon, Branden Oliver and Donald Brown all will get their chances to run the football and hopefully we will see some success.

Whisenhunt seemed like the best option for the team. He has a proven track record as an offensive coordinator and has had success on this team. He has Super Bowl experience and knows what it takes to win. He gets another opportunity to work with Philip Rivers and the offense and could stick around for some time after the season if he has success since he has not been successful as a head coach.

What do you think of the hiring?

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