Thank you Eric Weddle


Nobody expects Eric Weddle to be back with the San Diego Chargers going into next season. He is going to take the money and join a new squad. I fully expect him to join a  team that gives him a shot at winning a Super Bowl and we will be seeing him make those epic plays that we had seen from him in the past.

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I remember when we first brought Weddle onto this roster and everyone was wondering what we had traded for in the draft. His first few season we wondered if the fool could ever tackle. He would always get to the right spot, but there were a number of times where he would blow the tackle or drop the interception. He had the instincts though and he just kept working on his game to become one of the best safeties in the game.

Then as his confidence grew, his beard started to grow. People started giving him more recognition and after he signed a contract that nobody thought he deserved, he started playing like a superstar. He was around the ball and picking the ball off and was forcing turnovers. He was best when he was allowed to roam free and use his instincts.

After having a few very good seasons, the team needed him to get in the box more with the lack of playmakers in the middle of the defense. He had to step in and support the run game more. It is not where his skills were best used, but it is what the team needed of him. He stepped in and did what he needed to do. He played on special teams. He just did what the team needed of him.

One of his most memorable plays was on special teams when he decided to go for the fake punt and barely inched it across for the first down against the Kansas City Chiefs. The game was in overtime and the Chargers needed the win in order to get into the playoffs. Weddle called for the fake punt on his own 28 yard line on 4th and 2 and snuck it through and we eventually scored on that drive to win the game and get into the playoffs. He did give us a heart attack on the play as well since it looked like he fumbled and the Chiefs picked it up to return for a score.

I loved have Weddle on the team and thank him for all that he has done for the franchise. We wish him the best except when he faces off against us. I am hoping that we can find someone to fill his spot on the defense.

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