If Joey Bosa is available, Chargers have to take him


Joey Bosa is an absolute beast of a football player and some people are questioning if he fits in the Chargers scheme. I don’t care what scheme the Chargers are running, but if Bosa is available, the team needs to select him. Bosa is the best football player available in this draft and it would be stupid for the team to pass on him. Two other teams have the opportunity to select him before the Chargers do and he likely won’t even be available, but if he is  the team needs to snag him up in a hurry.

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Imagine that defense with his pass rush on the defensive line. Tom Telesco has ignored the defensive line long enough. With the talent of Bosa possibly sitting there, this defense can be special next season.

Imagine Bosa coming after the quarterback with Corey Liuget healthy and Melvin Ingram off of the edge. Add in Jason Verrett’s ability to shut down a receiver and the combination of Manti Te’o and Denzel Perryman in  the middle. This defense has a lot of solid young pieces that it can build on.

Bring in Bosa! Any other move would be the wrong move. People wonder if he can line up on the defensive line in a 3-4 defense. Just look at his inside rush and watch what he can do. Our defense goes back and forth between 3 down linemen and 4 down linemen. Bosa would be able to mix in on a number of different ways and would be able to beat up on some quarterbacks in this league.

If the Chargers can get that type of talent on the defense, then they need to make it happen.

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