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Chargers – The Good, The Bad, The Meh


A win is a win is a win, right?  The Chargers ended their losing streak in a close game with the Jaguars.  This game was closer than it looked at times.  The Jags seemed to move the ball at will on the Chargers, but failed on their first 4 drives into the red zone to score a TD. If they had converted those FGs into TDs we might be starting off the week with our weekly ‘Fire Mike McCoy’ thread, but I guess that can wait until tomorrow.

Phil might have been the most impressive runner for the Chargers on Sunday

The Chargers defense continued to struggle.  The Jags outgained the Chargers 420-369.  They Jags had 6 scoring drives and were only forced to punt 3 times.  The defensive highlight of the game was the Teo interception, which very well might have been the difference in the game.

The Good:

The Chargers had legitimate punt return yardage.  Small victories but we will take them.

Phillip Rivers continues to carry this team.  This guy deserves man of the year, he probably wont get it but he will most likely be up for FedEx air player of the week with his 29-43, 300 yard, 4 TD performance.

Dontrelle Inman and Stevie Johnson, both had good games.  This is very good news for the future of our recieving core. If the Chargers started next year with Allen, Johnson and Inman as their starters I would be good with that.

The Bad:

The Offensive Line can’t run block and can barely pass block.  Phil continues to work in a phone booth and complete passes, but the O-line is struggling.

The Defensive Line is struggling to stop the run and put pressure on the QB, even against the Jaguars.

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The Meh:

Melvin Gordon still has not found the endzone and even though he got some outside runs he did not impress.  You need to give him credit for trying though.  Every run this guy is churning for extra yardage.  It would be amazing to see what he could do if he actually had holes to run through.

Phil might have been the most impressive runner for the Chargers on Sunday. The conversion on 4th and 7 will certainly go down as one of the greatest running plays in Chargers history.