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Weekly fire Mike McCoy thread


We are back with the weekly Fire Mike McCoy thread. Again we are right back where we were last week, sitting with another L in the standings. We have 5 straight L’s that we have hung on the board and now we are going into the BYE week. If there were a time to make some changes to the coaching staff it would be right now! The new coach would have 2 weeks to prep the team.

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Why would the Chargers make the move now though? The season is already in the crapper. If the team would like to bring some joy from the fans and look like they care about what is happening on the field, then they would make the move. They should make some sort of move. The defense has played like crap! How many times will we watch offense after offense run the ball down our throats and then convert long passes play after play?

The offense is missing players left and right, but we still have not adjusted this offense at all to the players that are available. We continue to roll with the shotgun sets with 4 wide receivers, when we literally have 3 on the roster! One made his first NFL catch last night. Without the talent at wide receiver, we still are running plays out of the shotgun and hoping that the dive plays up the middle will work. They have not worked all season long! Frank Reich must not believe in his running backs.

I would be pissed about the special teams not being able to return punts, but how can you return punts when there is no other choice but to fair catch them every time. The defense can’t make stops and field position has been awful all season long.

It starts with the defense and John Pagano needs to be the first to get the ax! At one point last night the announcers gave Pagano some praise and we know that they have not been watching this team all season. The defense is a joke. The offensive gameplan is a joke. We are looking at securing the top draft pick at this point and if Tom Telesco wants to sit with this head coach to run his team, then he should get the ax as well.

Someone needs to get fired TODAY!