Chargers Need Change


I’m tired – tired of watching the Chargers do the same old thing and lose.  I’m tired of watching the Chargers defense give up big plays.  Tired of watching them struggle to stop the run. Tired of watching special teams cost the Chargers victories. Tired of watching the same old play calling.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Mediocre McCoy had sat down with the press on Monday and had said, “Things are bad. We are losing.  We need to start doing things different. Let me promise you this, starting today things are going to change around here.  We are going to start doing things different.”

Wrong attitude.  The Chargers were a DOZEN plays away from stomping a bad football team.

But he didn’t say that.  He said this, “There is only one way out of this and that’s to work hard, prepare, do a little more, keep grinding away.”

THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY? Are you freaking kidding me?  ONE WAY?  Work harder?  This is what you have.  It is about as dumb as his post game presser where he tells us, well we were just one play away from beating a good football team.  WHAT?  ONE PLAY?  NO! NO! NO!  Wrong attitude.  The Chargers were a DOZEN plays away from stomping a bad football team.

Let me say it again… The Chargers were a DOZEN plays away from stomping a bad football team.

The Chargers don’t need to work harder, the need to do things different.  THEY NEED CHANGE. And it is becoming clear that McCoy does not share this thought. He has it set in his mind that his way will work and that is how he is going to do things.  And it will be his undoing and the Chargers as well.


Let’s put this in perspective.  You could argue that the Chargers have been in most of their games.  They could easily be 5-3.  Maybe if the ball just bounced a little different, but it hasn’t.  HOWEVER, you could also argue that the Chargers could be 0-8, if the ball had bounced just a little different.  Let’s take a look at the Chargers 2 signature wins.

They beat the 1-7 Lions and they had to put together a big second half rally at home to get it done.They beat the 2-6 Browns at home, because they got a second chance to kick a FG as time expired.

But let’s be fair and look at some of these loses:

They lost in their own house to Pittsburgh without their starting QB.They gave Baltimore their second win of the season.  They lost to a 2-6 team.They lost to the Raiders.  No, they got dismantled by the Raiders.And they got crushed by the Vikings.

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REALITY CHECK! Where are the Chargers?  Last place in the AFC (yep, they are the new Raiders).  They are tied for the 3rd worst record in the ENTIRE NFL.  Their two wins came against teams with a combined 3-13 record. IT’S BAD PEOPLE.

But lets not change anything.  I mean we were close in all these games we just need to work a little harder, do a little more… of course its the only way.