Darrell Stuckey’s Path To The NFL Should Be The Blue Print For Every Young Player Trying to Make it in the NFL


The former 4th found pick in 2010, the San Diego Chargers drafted first team All Big 12 Safety out of Kansas, Darrell Stuckey, who is finally earning the respect he deserves around the NFL following his first pro bowl season in 2014. Every team needs to have a guy with the attitude and desire to be a team player like Stuckey because he is a natural leader and goes 100% on every snap. Younger players trying to make an NFL roster need to take a look at Darrell Stuckey and use him as a blue print for how to be successful in the NFL in other ways. He just came into camp as a rookie and was ultra competitive and was very committed to make the team and help in any way possible. The players love him but he is a nightmare for kick returners and punt returners because hes such a sure tackler and outstanding at getting down field to down punts inside the 20, with the help of our outstanding punter Mike Scifres. Bottom line if you play with the desire and dedication to be great you will find yourself on a football team even if it’s just special teams.

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The first step to making your dream come true is just making a 53 man roster and sometimes that comes in ways that go unnoticed, for instance, Stuckey came in as a rookie and out worked everybody. The Chargers had no choice but to find a place for him so he found his role on special teams and has embraced the role and has become a pro bowl special teams player for the first time in his career.  So his opponents are starting to notice this guys skills and what he brings every Sunday and was finally rewarded for his efforts.

Stuckey also provides great depth at Safety even though you can argue he should be getting more time on defense but with Eric Weddle out this week again do not be surprised to see Stuckey get some playing time at safety this Sunday. This guy would be willing to play any position the coach needs him to play he’s the ultimate team player and will do whatever is asked of him. With the injuries to the offensive line I wouldn’t even be surprised to see him step in and help pass protect for Philip Rivers, probably not happening but you know what I’m getting at he’ll do whatever is needed to help this team win. He has the respect of everyone in the locker room being voted by his teammates as a captain for the 4th straight season.

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  • A lot of times you see middle round picks in the draft not even make their roster because they feel content on just getting drafted and don’t put in the hard work after they are drafted because they are okay with just getting drafted. Those are the guys getting cut right away. Darrell Stuckey never accepted being mediocre he wants to be great. His dream was to first make it to the NFL by getting drafted and was given the chance when the Chargers took him in the 4th round. The second thing Stuckey was thinking was now I have to put in some serious work to make the 53 man roster and he wasn’t going to take plays off and went all out no matter what he was doing out there. He’s a guy the organization never  has to worry about on and off the field and the Chargers appreciated his efforts by signing him to a multi-year deal. Not to mention he is very involved in the San Diego community and gives back. There are no knocks on Stuckey if you were to ask anyone in the Chargers locker room or he wouldn’t be a captain 4 straight years because he plays each play as if it is his last.