What can the Chargers do without an offensive line?


What do you do when you don’t have an offensive line that can protect you? You freaking play with smoke and mirrors and hope that you can get by. A lot of us have struggled with the playcalling skills of Frank Reich, so we are not sure how he is going to handle this mess of a situation.

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Today, 4 of the starting offensive lineman were sitting out practice with injuries. We will be working with a backup group of guys on offense and will need to figure out a way to move the ball down the field. Mike Scifres better be ready to start kicking the crap out of that ball.

This team has the personnel to still move the ball on offense if we could use a little bit of creativity. When Danny Woodhead ran that crossing route out of the slot and picked up a ton of yards after the catch, I was stoked out of my mind. Why don’t we use him more in that situation. Linebackers are not going to be able to cover him out of the slot.

I don’t even know if Malcom Floyd should come off of the bench in this game coming up. As good as Malcom is at stretching the field, there is no way that we can expect Philip to get the time to throw the ball out to him. We need to use that quick passing attack and we need to run the no huddle defense. We cannot allow defenses to get comfortable against our battered offensive line.

Keep Melvin Gordon, Danny Woodhead, Ladarius Green, Keenan Allen and Stevie Johnson as the primary targets in the no huddle offense and find ways to get them the ball. Everything has to be quick and all of these players should excel in that department. This personnel should be able to do anything that the Chargers are looking to do on the field, whether it is short yardage or making something happen in the passing game.

Philip Rivers is going to get beat up. He is going to take his hits. He just needs to protect the football. Take what the defense gives him and let the other players do the work. We have playmakers that can make things happen after the catch, we need to use them in that manner.

I am sick of watching this team stuff Melvin Gordon up the middle on offense. Get him on the outside, hit him on a swing pass or run a screen for him. Just allow him to do some work.

This team has the talent and doesn’t have the offensive line. Slow down their rush by crushing it in the run game and by running some quick successful screens. I don’t care how bad the guys are up front, we need to find a way to get the ball in our talented players hands.

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