Chargers: Will this be Melvin Gordon’s breakout game?


This is the week that Melvin Gordon should break out in the running game. We mention the word SHOULD, because we have no idea what our coaching staff will decide to do with Melvin. We have wondered about the playcalling this whole time and the team continues to stuff him right up the middle in hopes that he breaks loose. Sadly, the worst part of our offensive line is the middle of it.

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Instead of getting Melvin in some space, we have continued to run the draw play and any time that Philip lines up under center we hand the ball off to Melvin. Not that it is obvious to anyone at all.

Anyway, the Cleveland Browns are awful at stopping the run. They have been allowing a ton of yards on the ground at this point in the season. The Chargers rank number 28 against the run, but the Browns rank at the very bottom of the league. They give up almost 5 yards per attempt (so do the Chargers).

Time to release Melvin on this defense. We can’t trust the offensive line to protect Philip Rivers for more than a second, so we have to find another way to move the ball down the field. Can we get Melvin some runs to the outside? Can we run a screen play for the man or get him on a swing pass? Just get the kid out in some space so that he can use his quickness and ability to shake defenders!

This should be a game where Melvin Gordon shines. This should be a game that he gets into the end zone. He likely will have to do it on a long run since good ol’ McCoy can’t trust his lead back in the red zone. We will see what we get from Gordon. Hopefully it is an amazing show. We all will be expecting disappointment in the back of our minds though.

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