Chargers defensive line will be biggest concern of season


The Chargers are losing in the trenches. We couldn’t win up front on offense last week and we definitely could not win up front on defense.

One of the biggest concerns for the Chargers going into the regular season this year was the play of the defensive line. The team didn’t make any upgrades up front and the team has been hoping that some late round draft picks would be able to step up to take on some prominent roles on the team. We were wishing upon a star on some of these improvements, but after a couple of games it doesn’t seem like anything has changed.

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The Chargers were pushed around up front against the Cincinnati Bengals. Giovanni Bernard ran free behind his offensive line and picked up chunk after chunk.  The Chargers could see a lot of that this season. With the Chargers going up against the Minnesota Vikings and Adrian Peterson on Sunday, we could be in for a long, long day. I don’t even want to think about what he can do against our defense.

Corey Liuget is the only player up front that can get any type of push. He has been the lone play maker up front for this team for a long time. I don’t know why we don’t put any talent around him.  I barely have any expectations from the other guys on the field that are around him to create anything. I always end up hoping that one of the linebackers can find there way to the backfield and make a play.

I would love to see Darius Philon get more playing time up front. He finds a way to make a push up front and could be someone that we can rely on in the future. Otherwise, we keep leaning on Kendall Reyes and Sean Lissemore to make something happen. When has that worked out for us? It hasn’t and we keep going to the well hoping that it will.

This team has solid talent throughout the roster, we just have yet to invest on the defensive front. I wonder when we will finally decide to make that investment. Apparently we don’t believe that games are won in the trenches. Until we find some players that can create up front, then stopping the run game will always be an issue.

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