Chargers vs Bengals: the rant


What a stupid, awful game put together by the San Diego Chargers. As bad as they played, they still had a chance to pull it all together at the end of the game and still gave it away.

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The Chargers struggled to stop the running game on defense and allowed Giovanni Bernard to eat them alive. Then they gave up some big plays in the passing game. Brandon Flowers could not keep up with the speed and the one moment where we thought the defense turned the whole thing around, the referees reversed the call. Manti Te’o should have been credited with a sack and forced fumble that would have been brought back for a score, but the stupid rules say that it was a pass attempt. We all know he wasn’t trying to pass that dang ball! AND why did Jerry Attaochu think that jogging that in would be OK!?!?!?!

When we had the opportunity to take away the football, we couldn’t make the play. Jason Verrett had an interception slip right through his hands.

Now with Keenan Allen. That fumble at the start of the game was just the start of the slop that we were about to see. We started the game out great with a 3-and-out and then on the punt, we give them the ball right back.

The offense could not move in the right direction. The offensive line was a mess of penalties and blown assignments. We just kept moving backwards and kept giving up the football. Allen started it out with his fumble. Philip Rivers fumbled. Then we ended it all with an interception.

With all the penalties and with all the bad blocking, the Chargers could not run the offense that they wanted. The short crossing routes were not there and when the catches were made, the receivers were brought down immediately.

The running game had some success with Melvin Gordon, but it was not consistent. After he broke free for 20 yards, he then would get stuffed as soon as he got the football.

This team needs to put a full game together.

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