Chargers o-line gets their first test with Haloti Ngata


Now is the time to see what this San Diego Chargers offensive line can get done. There has been a ton of changes in the offseason up front for the team that left only 1 player that is starting in the same position as last year’s opening week. King Dunlap is the only player that will be returning to a familiar spot, while the rest of the offensive line has been recreated. We all hope that the recreated line can live up to the hype.

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The first few weeks of the preseason did not help the hype at all. The interior of the line was getting blown up. Chris Watt and DJ Fluker were getting pushed backward and the run game suffered. The play was inconsistent all the way around. There were times where the line opened up some massive holes and sealed off the edge like they were supposed to. You could see the potential in the line, but there are some growing pains that we will all have to live with.

We will all be watching Philip Rivers in the pocket. Will he be comfortable behind his new offensive line. If that line can get him some time to throw the football, then we should be in great shape. If that line can open up some holes and get our running backs in space, then we are going to have an amazing season.

The first test comes against the Detroit Lions and we will be watching the interior of the offensive line again. Haloti Ngata is the nose tackle for the Detroit Lions and he has made a career of wrecking shop in the middle of the line. He is disruptive in the run game and will expose any weaknesses up front. How will this revamped offensive line do? We need them to step it up.

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