10 with Tazz – Howard’s Questions


This week’s questions about the Chargers come from Tristan Howard.  Thanks to everyone who submitted questions this week.

1. Will Danny Woodhead have a triumphant return because DeAndre Levy is most likely out?Danny Woodhead will triumph regardless of who is playing.  Danny is one of the most versatile guys in our lineup.  He can run between the tackles. He is a threat to catch the ball out of the backfield and we line him up at WR from time to time (where he has caught TD passes). How do you cover a guy like that?

My guess is that Floyd, Allen and Johnson will all end up with about 850-900 yards this season.

2. How long will it take for Darius Philon or Ricardo Mathews to take Reyes’ starting job?Ricardo Matthews is probably closer than Philon.  I have liked the intensity that Ricardo plays with. I seem to see his jersey a lot when there are big plays on the field. The Chargers rotate a lot of players in and out, so all of these guys will probably see playing time. But the door is open right now – step up and make big plays and you might find yourself in the starting lineup.

3. How long until TT drafts the heir to King Bolos throne?PR signed a 4 year extension which means we have him under contract for 5.  If you think he will play out those 5 years then after the next 3 you draft that guy who can sit and learn for 2 before becoming the next King Bolos. (My way, way, way too early projection is Jake Browning)

4. Will Jason Verrett take the number one corner spot from Flow?Probably not.  Not because of talent.  There is a lot of wisdom that goes into playing CB. Flowers will hold the spot just because he has that experience edge.

5. Will the addition of Stevie Johnson open up Keenan Allen for a 1000 yard year?It could happen. It will be interesting to see how other teams will guard the Chargers recievers.  Will they put their #1 on Stevie? If they do and Allen lights them up then what happens next week?  My guess is that Floyd, Allen and Johnson will all end up with about 850-900 yards this season.

Aug 22, 2015; Glendale, AZ, USA; Arizona Cardinals defensive back Darren Woodard (27) chases San Diego Chargers wide receiver Tyrell Williams (6) during the second half at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Chargers won 22-19. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

6. Could Tyrell Williams be our next great Undrafted Rookie?Most definitely!  He has the size and speed to be a great WR.  He knows how to get himself open and he displayed some awesome after the catch moves in the last preseason game. Look for him to fill Floyd’s shoes next year.

7. What are your thoughts on Bernie Sanders?One of the biggest problems that our country faces is that we have two major political parties that dominate all elections. The question is no longer, what do you believe in, but what color are you – blue or red? And when you choose your color you are lumped into all the beliefs that come with being blue or red, whether you want that or not. Politicians are supposed to represent the people, but we have turned the corner where they now seem to represent their party more than their people. The sad part is that they really do not have a choice.

In our current political atmosphere people win elections with clever marketing and advertising. Why this happens is because this is how we have been trained.  We choose a color and go that route, we think it is safer (easier) than actually researching about a candidate and what they believe and what they are going to fight for. Or we vote because a commercial said something bad about a guy and it gave us a bad feeling. So, it comes down to money.  Who has money to advertise?  Your big political parties do.  So politicians sign on with them, drink the kool-aid and become red or blue.

The real loss is the middle ground.  The parties have become so polarized that no one will step into the middle ground even if it is a good idea.  Its all blue/red or nothing. How many good ideas have been lost because the blues and reds refuse to work together and find the middle ground?

What does Bernie Sanders have to do with this? Well, Bernie has been an independent and self proclaim democratic socialist for most of his career.  Is the reason he has a following because he is a breath of fresh air in an entrenched political system… maybe.

The same could be said about Donald Trump. He is saying things that need to be said that the politicians don’t dare say.

Are we getting tired of hearing the same old political rhetoric? Are we ready for real change in this country? I can only hope so.

If you read this far here is something that may also interest you… the alternative vote.

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8. Can a position coach win MVP? (Mike Nolan deserves it so far.)He might not get MVP, but if the defense struggles overall he may end up as Defensive Cordinator of the Chargers, which would be as big a win as MVP.

9. How long will it take for DJ Fluker to adjust to pass blocking assignments at guard?Not long. I am more concerned about run blocking for the entire offensive line. And they have a tough assignment with their first game. This unit needs to perform well early and get Gordan some lanes to run in. That way we can take the weight off of Phillip and get Gordan’s confidence going.  I have high hopes and expect that by game 4 Gordon will get his first 100 yard game.

10. How surprising was it that we traded Jeremiah Sirles?And we all thought we didn’t have any depth on the O-line.  Shoot!  We have so much depth we are trading guys away.