Predicting the Chargers W/L Record


The Chargers have escaped the pre-season without major injury concerns. That does not seem like an interesting fact except that the last couple of seasons injuries have been the story for the Chargers. Fans keep saying, ‘if only this team can stay healthy’.  Well, so far, so good.  Which brings us to today’s question, “If the Chargers can stay healthy how many games can they win?”

Its about as easy to predict an NFL team’s record as it is to predict which way a football will bounce when it hits the ground

Its about as easy to predict an NFL team’s record as it is to predict which way a football will bounce when it hits the ground. Usually it is because a team inevitably wins a game they shouldn’t have and loses a game that they should have won.  It seems every season has its ups and downs and surprises.

For me it is easiest to look at the schedule in home games and away games.

Let’s start with the home games.Detroit – ?Cleveland – WPittsburgh – ?Oakland – WChicago – WKansas City – WDenver – WMiami – ?

Out of those 8 we should beat Cleveland, Oakland and Chicago. I will give us wins against KC and Denver at home as well, because I believe we will split with those teams losing the away matchup.  That leaves us 3 undecided games – Detroit, Pittsburgh and Miami.  If we lose two of those games that leaves us at 6-2 at home.

Here are the road games.Cincinnati – ?Minnesota – WGreen Bay – LBaltimore – ?Jacksonville – WKC – LOakland – WDenver – L

Out of those 8 we should win at Minnesota, Jacksonville and Oakland.  I will pencil in losses for GB, KC and Denver.  That leaves two undecided games at Baltimore and Cincinnati.  If we split those two we end up with a 4-4 road record.

If we combine those two records it puts the Chargers at 10-6 for the season.

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But wait there’s more. Let’s say that Denver’s rebuilt O-line struggles a little and the Broncos take a little time adjusting to the new coaching staff.  Throw on top that 39 year old Peyton Manning begins to show his age.  Maybe by week 15 the Broncos are sitting at 10-5.  And maybe the Chargers are also sitting at 10-5.

That makes that week 17 game in Mile High a big deal. Like a super big deal.

I seem to remember Phillip Rivers and company showing up in mile high in 2013 and handing the Broncos a loss on a night where the D played lights out and Keenan Allen was jumping over guys – literally jumping over guys.

Could that happen again?

My prediction.  Chargers upset the Broncos in Mile High in week 17 to move to 11-5 and take the AFC West crown.