San Diego Chargers defense continues to impress


This San Diego Chargers defense impressed again in the preseason. There were question marks going into the season about the team’s ability to bring the heat to the quarterback, but it seems that the health of Melvin Ingram and the emergence of rookie Kyle Emanuel could be a huge boost for this defense. They have been getting into the backfield time and time again to force some tough situations for quarterbacks.

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This defense has a lot of speed and it has been showing. The linebackers and corners are quick to get to players with the football. Quarterbacks are not able to quickly escape from pressure when it gets there.

Jason Verrett’s ability at one corner spot is going to make this defense legit. When we can shut down one side of the field with his ability, it will open up opportunities to get that extra second for a sack. Our defense can shift the focus and look to shutting down the rest of the players. Verrett will own his little island and the rest of the defense will not have to worry about his side of the field.

The Chargers defense had the bend and not break attitude in the past, but this year it seems like this defense will make some impact plays. When we can get pressure on quarterbacks, we are sure to force more interceptions and fumbles on defense.

We did all the work yesterday without Eric Weddle and Manti Te’o on the field. Imagine having a couple more ballhawks on the field to make an impact.

The San Diego offense was also able to milk the clock in the first half of the game. Philip was moving the chains. With an offense that is going to suck the life out of you, the defense can sit back and attack harder. This will be the gameplan for the Chargers this season.

I like the way that this defense has shaped up in the preseason. They have been impressive, but the real test comes in week 1 when Calvin Johnson is on one side of the field and there is a solid running back getting the football. Will the Chargers defense be able to make their impact?


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