San Diego Chargers plan to go under center more often


The San Diego Chargers plan on working under center on offense more this coming season. The team worked primarily out of the shotgun last season, but this year they would like to get more work under center. It makes sense with the group of running backs that they have on the roster. This should help the team out in the running game. This has to be something that Branden Oliver, Danny Woodhead and Melvin Gordon are excited about.

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“We lived in the shotgun last year, and it was something we said in the offseason that we wanted to play more under center,” Head coach Mike McCoy said (ESPN). “It’s not as easy for the defense, and there’s only so much you can do in the gun running-game wise. You have a lot more flexibility, and they can’t tell as much what direction you’re going when you’re under center.”

“And I think with our personnel and the way we want to play with our tight ends and personnel groupings this year, it might be a little different than we’ve done in the past.”

The Chargers trusted in the shotgun last year since their running game was running on flat tires. We had injuries to Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead last year, so the team had to rely on Philip Rivers to carry the offense. The passing game had to open up lanes for the running game. With Philip in the shotgun so often, that limited the type of running plays the offense could run. When the team did go under center, it was almost predictable that the team would run the ball.

This year, the team has 3 very capable backs that can create some plays, so the team will be looking to get under center to keep defenses guessing. Getting under center will give defenses a new look and can open some new possibilities in the play calls for the run game. Defenses will have to prepare for a different type of offense and the play action pass could become a weapon for this team.

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