Does the NFL Hate the Chargers?


I, like many of you, am frustrated with the NFL. It seems like nothing can go right leading up to Junior Seau’s induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend. First, they ban the Seau family from speaking at the induction ceremony in Canton, OH. Then, the lemon juice was put on the wound by having Seau don a Patriots uniform in the Hall of Fame banner to be displayed this weekend.

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This bodes the question: Is this because the NFL hates the Chargers? Or perhaps is it because they are scared of the ongoing lawsuit with the Seau family and other former NFL players suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)?

The latter seems more likely but this whole mess does raise questions. If the first question is true, then why? It may be because the Chargers seem to have one foot in Los Angeles. It may be because there is a perception throughout the NFL that the Chargers have a crap fanbase.

We all know that isn’t true. I personally see what’s going on in Canton, OH as an insult to Junior Seau’s legacy and the entire San Diego Chargers organization. I might be the only one that is fired up about this, but Seau did so much for San Diego and the Chargers. He deserves better than this. His family deserves better than this.

This is supposed to be a weekend to celebrate Seau’s life and impact that he had on and off the football field. Hopefully it still will be. I want him to be remembered as one of the, if not the greatest Charger to ever live. The NFL should remake that banner and apologize to the Seau family. They finally conceded to allowing an interview after his bust is revealed. I am glad Sydney Seau will be able to be interviewed but this should not have been an issue in the first place. It seems like the NFL is kicking the Chargers while they are down with the rumors of moving to Los Angeles and now this mess.

This weekend is about Seau. I encourage everyone to watch the ceremony and remember Junior Seau the Charger and the man. Go Bolts.

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