DJ Fluker getting work at right guard with Chargers 1st team


DJ Fluker got some work at the right guard spot yesterday during San Diego Chargers training camp. Today, Fluker is working with the first team at right guard with Joe Barksdale taking the snaps with the first team at right tackle. Is this a sign of things to come?

With Troutman out, Fluker gets first series at right guard. Heavy run emphasis.

— Tom Krasovic (@UTkrasovic) August 6, 2015

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This could be the beginning of Fluker’s shift inside on the offensive line. Johnnie Troutman is out of the lineup because of an injury, but that injury is opening up the opportunity for Fluker to get some work at the right guard spot and Barksdale to work at the right tackle spot with the first team. This is opening up an oppportunity for Mike McCoy to evaluate this offensive front.

There has been a lot of conversation about this possible shift in the offseason and we all waited till training camp to see if this shift would be made. As soon as Joe Barksdale was signed, there was talk that this shift could happen. Troutman was awful as a starter at right guard last season and the team didn’t bring in another starting guard to take over his position. Fluker could be the starter that the team was relying on.

If Fluker starts out at the right guard position, Barksdale will be the starting right tackle and this team would have a massive offensive line to open up some gaps for Melvin Gordon in the run game. Philip Rivers could then work the play action pass and hit his receivers down the field. This team has a ton of weapons and it all starts out up front. Mike McCoy continues to tell people that he wants the top 5 players to start on the offensive line. He will get his chance to see if this group is the top 5. I believe that it will be.

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