Chargers run game will be key to success


The Chargers will be leaning on the run game in order to improve this coming season. 

The San Diego Chargers are looking to get back to the playoffs. They are looking to compete with some of the best in the league. In order to compete with the best, they need to get better in a number of areas and the top priority needs to be in the run game.

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The running game will be the key for the San Diego Chargers season. It will be on the shoulders of a rookie to get this team into the playoffs and bring success. It will be on Melvin Gordon. The run game is going to open up all kinds of things for the offense and for Philip Rivers. The run game is going to get some rest for the defensive players. It is all about the run game.

That seems like a lot of pressure for a rookie running back, but we know what this team can look like with a solid running game. We saw what it was able to do with Ryan Mathews a couple of seasons ago. The team will control the clock and it will keep opposing offenses on the sideline. That gives the defense the chance to sit back and rest up for their chance to make some plays. It puts a ton of pressure on opposing offenses to score when they get the ball since they don’t know when they will get the ball back.

We saw it ran successfully and we didn’t have a back to make it happen last year. With all the injuries to the offense, we didn’t have the ability to keep running the ball down defense’s throats. We will need to be able to do it this year. We will need to get it done with Melvin Gordon and that offensive line.

The offensive line is better. The running backs are better and healthy. It will be nice to have a new back to depend on and hopefully he can be consistent and stay on the field. We will be trusting in Melvin Gordon to kill it.

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