Chargers will be hoping Melvin Ingram can bring the heat


The San Diego Chargers will be hoping that Melvin Ingram can stay healthy to bring the heat for the pass rush.

How are the San Diego Chargers going to create a pass rush this season? How much smoke and mirrors are they going to work with? It has been a struggle the last couple of seasons to reach quarterbacks.

At this moment, it seems that the team will be hoping that Melvin Ingram will be able to have one healthy season in his bag. They will be hoping that he can start out the year as the starting outside linebacker and he will create some terror in the backfield on quarterbacks. That is a lot to ask from someone who only has 6 sacks in his career.

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Watching Melvin through the last few seasons, he has the ability to get to the quarterback and make these big time plays. He has the potential to be a solid pass rusher on defense. He just has never been able to stay healthy for a year and he likely leads the team on “almost-sacks”. He will need to turn those close calls into some stats.

Jerry Attaochu had the best game ever in the first game of the season. He was battling with a number of injuries after that game. Will he be able to stay healthy as well and provide some pressure off the edge. He was taken high in the draft in order to bring the heat and he will get his chance now.

The team is relying on potential. The team is hoping that some of these youngsters can step their games up and make some big things happen. They will have a nice looking secondary working behind them though and the little half-second that quarterbacks hold onto that football could mean a sack for the guys up front.

It has been a while since we have seen the guys up front bring the heat. Who is going to bring the heat on this roster? Who can get to the quarterback?

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