Orlando Franklin: On Your Left


Orlando Franklin has a lot of things going for him.

First of all, he is a Charger.

Next, he is smart. He has the swag that we need on the offensive line. He carries himself well. He is as cool as a cucumber. He will protect our quarterback, and open up lanes in the running game.

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He is nasty to your face. He has been described as having a “selfish makeup, with a huge ego, and a sense of entitlement”…. but, they aren’t taking on his blocks, are they? He can play tackle… left, or right. He will have no problem being the voice of the O-Line, if not the leader.

There are some big uglies on our line. It took a minute, but this isn’t your mommas offensive line, is it? This group is better. We will have Barksdale, and Fluker battling it out for Right Tackle. Watt, Franklin, and Dunlap will hold down the middle-to-right.

With all of the offensive line shuffling in the division, this could be the best line.

Adding Franklin gives us mental stability on the line. Just watching him deal with the sinister Denver media, let’s me know that he is ready to Charge! We need that, because Watt & Fluker are still a TINY bit young. They are being asked to fill some pretty big shoes that they will grow into very soon. Having Big Nasty Fluker on your right, with Franklin (the Undertaker) on your left…. bookended with league experience… will help this unit tremendously.

Orlando Franklin was picked, by the Denver Broncos, in the second round of the 2011 draft. He was picked at #46, just 4 slots before us.

Now, we get the guy that didn’t fall to us. It cost a little bit more money. But, he is in his prime, and playing like a stud! He has started 63 regular season games, seven postseason games, and a Super Bowl. Only missing one game.

He looks ready to start the next 19. Keep an eye on him these next weeks.

Plus, he’s from Kingston, Jamaica. That’s pretty cool!

-Keep Bolting Toward Excellence-

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