Will you select Melvin Gordon in your fantasy football draft?


When fantasy football comes around, will you be looking to select Melvin Gordon as part of your draft? 

Will you take Melvin Gordon in your fantasy football draft? As San Diego Chargers fans, we will always be looking to take our players at some point in the draft. I don’t know how many times I have picked up Malcom Floyd late in the draft because I don’t like anyone else that is available at that time in the draft. I don’t know how many times I struggled with Ryan Mathews on my roster or have taken Antonio Gates to be my tight end. It is just what I do. I would rather cheer for my San Diego Chargers over some other player for fantasy football. For some reason, I have never had Philip Rivers though.

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Where does Melvin Gordon land on the fantasy draft radar at this point?

According to Matthew Berry, Gordon is ranked in at number 16 of all his running backs in the league. He is the highest rated rookie running back on the list, but he still falls in a group with Mark Ingram, Alfred Morris, Lamar Miller, Justin Forsett and CJ Anderson. Should Gordon be ranked higher?

At least he is ranked higher that Ryan Mathews. If Ryan were still on the Chargers, where would he be ranked in on this list?

I have high hopes for Gordon, but sitting in the Chargers offensive system, we are not sure what to expect from him. Philip Rivers runs this offense and he is the key figure to how much this offense succeeds. Will Phil put his trust in the rookie back to carry the team on offense? Will the offensive line open up the holes for Gordon to burst through?

At this point, it would be tough to put Gordin as one of the top 10 backs taken in fantasy, but after seeing a couple of preseason games with him getting some touches we could change our mind. Gordon will get his shot to prove that he can be dangerous when he gets his touches. He just is an unknown commodity at this point.

Where do you think you will take Gordon?

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