Chargers lining up with Gordon and Woodhead on field at same time


The San Diego Chargers showed a lineup that had Melvin Gordon and Danny Woodhead on the field at the same time during their minicamp on Tuesday. 

The San Diego Chargers backfield will be fun to watch all season long with some of the playmakers that have been added to the roster. With the addition of Melvin Gordon to the backfield, our eyes were already going to shift toward the rookie to see what he would be able to do on the field. His potential is high and everyone will be excited to see the type of player that he will become.

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Another player that is going to make an immediate impact in the backfield with his return to the field is Danny Woodhead. Woodhead was missed last season after he went down with an injury.. He is one of the most versatile players back there and can create yards when he gets the ball.

The Chargers have messed with a lineup that will have both Woodhead and Gordon in the backfield at the same time during minicamp according to ESPN. Could you imagine seeing both of those playmakers on the field at the same time? That will be a nightmare for some defenses to figure out. Who will be covering those guys if they go out for a pass? Can the linebackers keep up with them? Will Woodhead line up in the slot? Can you imagine if they went with the no-huddle with that lineup on the field?

The Chargers messed around with the idea of putting two of their feature backs in the backfield last season, but nobody on the team was able to stay healthy enough throughout the year to see how it could play out and Donald Brown’s production never lived up to par. There were situations in which Ryan Mathews lined up at fullback and Donald Brown lined up at the tailback spot. Could we see something similar with Gordon and Woodhead in the backfield?

The Chargers will try to keep as many playmakers on the field as they can. Keeping Woodhead on the field with Gordon could create a ton of matchup issues for teams if they are not prepared for the speed back there. It will be fun to see how Philip Rivers is able to abuse some of those matchups. Just get them the ball and I am sure that they will make plays happen.

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