Will Ladarius Green live up to potential for Chargers?


Ladarius Green shows all the potential in the world to be a star tight end, he just has not lived up to the potential yet. 

Once again, we are waiting for Ladarius Green to step up to become the playmaker that we had hoped we got when we drafted him a few seasons ago. We are waiting for him to live up to that potential that we see from time to time. Will this be the season for him? Will 2015 be the year that he breaks out?

It seemed like he was on the right track at the end of the 2013 season. Green was making big plays to help the Chargers get into the playoffs. Mike McCoy even said that he needed to get him the ball more, but in 2014 he didn’t hit the mark. Some of that was because Antonio Gates was so effective when he was in the game, but Green still should have been able to stand out.

Is Green really going to be the top tight end that we all keep hoping for? He has unreal athletic ability for the position and should be tough for any linebackers to cover, but we still are all waiting for that production to show up on the field. We all are waiting for that potential to get there.

Green is 24 years old and will be in the final year of his rookie contract. This would be the time for him to show off in order to make that money. Antonio Gates will not be on the roster for that much longer, so someone will be needed to take over the position. Gates might be in his final year as a Charger. Green has been groomed for the position and he has been able to learn from the best, but his time is now.

Last season, Green only finished with 226 receiving yards and didn’t find the end zone once. He needs to be a bigger part of that game for the Chargers in 2015. In 2013 he finished the season with 376 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns.

We are waiting for the production. He should be able to be around 500 receiving yards with 6 touchdowns next season, even with Antonio still hanging around.

What are your expectations of Green this season?

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