EXCLUSIVE Bolt Beat Interview: Chargers WR Tyrell Williams – Undrafted and Underrated


With so much focus shifted toward the first round of the draft, the importance of late round and undrafted free agent signings is often understated. The Chargers are arguably the best in the league at finding undrafted talent that slips through the NFL draft scouting process. One name that Chargers coaches and fans should get familiar with right away is Tyrell Williams. The division II wide receiver from Western Oregon University had visits with several teams including the New England Patriots and Detroit Lions prior to choosing San Diego as his landing spot. He has all the measurables of a prototype receiver and despite not being invited to the scouting combine, he still managed to generate buzz with a monster pro day performance. His 40 yard dash time would have placed in the top 5 and his L-drill (3 cone) would have been the fastest of any participant. This week I was able to sit down with Tyrell in an exclusive interview to get an inside look at what he brings to the team.

1.) Coming in as an undrafted free agent, what is your mentality?

I have the same mentality coming in as I would if I were drafted and that’s to just do whatever I can to help the team win and be successful. Making the 53 is the main focus right now and I feel very confident in my self to do that.

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2.) At 6’4″, 204 lbs you have prototype outside receiver size. How would you describe your playing style?

My playing style I would say is type to get on top of coverage and then still be able to make every catch across the middle.

3.) Of all players on the Chargers current roster, who are you looking forward to playing with most?

I’m excited to get the chance to be on the field with them all. Since I’m a WR being able to learn from Antonio Gates on route running techniques and all other receiver techniques, I’m pretty excited for that.

4.) Coming from Western Oregon, a division II school, do you feel like you were overlooked in the scouting process?

I was maybe overlooked during the season but I knew if I kept working after the season and get right for my pro day that teams would then take more notice.

5.) Was there any connection or hunch that the Chargers were going to be the team you signed with?

During the whole process I knew I really like San Diego so I was always hoping they would be the team I ended up with.

6.) If you could catch a touchdown against any defensive back in the league, who would it be? Why?

There is no one in particular, just can’t wait for the chance to go up against the great ones.

7.) What current or former NFL receiver would you say you model your game after?

I watch a lot of tape on Randy Moss, I really try to copy what he does through his routes because we have about the same body type.

8.) What is your favorite route to run? Why?

My favorite would be the bang 8, just because if you catch it with perfect timing and make one man miss it should be a touchdown every time.

(FYI: Bang 8 route is a skinny post)

9.) What was the reaction when you got to share with your family and friend that you had in fact signed a pro contract?

Everybody is very excited and it still feels very surreal for us all. My family knows how much I’ve put into this for it to become a reality so they’re all very excited.

10.) The Chargers have a very rich tradition of finding undrafted talent in guys like: Antonio Gates, Malcom Floyd, Branden Oliver, Jahleel Addai, etc. Did that factor into your decision to choose the Chargers as the team to begin your pro career with?

It played a little part. The main reason I chose San Diego is because of the coaching staff, they all gave me the impression that they really wanted me here and that I could help the team. I’m very thankful for them giving me this opportunity and I can’t wait to get it started.

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