What I learned from the Chargers Draft


The 2015 NFL Draft was a humbling experience for us so-called experts.  Admittedly, I have called ‘experts’ out on the carpet over the last couple of weeks as they predicted ridiculous picks for the Chargers, but I must be honest and tell you that my own predictions sucked just as bad.  So, today I am here to humble myself and share what I learned from the Chargers draft.

I’m no expert and neither are the expertsShocking, huh?  For most of you your hearts just skipped a beat as the thought of Tazzster not being an expert sunk into your brain and your stomach did flips.  Its ok.  I can admit it.  The problem is this, if the NFL experts were experts they would also be professional scouts and talents analysts and working for an NFL team.  But most of us self-pro-claimed experts are not pros.  Nope, most of us are writing for some web-site or blog pretending to be experts.

I don’t think you can even give out grades on a draft class until at least 3 years have passed, because how can you grade how a player will be in the NFL until he at least has played 1 NFL game

Grading the draft is a fool’s errand.The experts who put together the pre-draft Big Board, which proved horribly inaccurate on Draft Day like to take part in this post draft exercise of grading the draft.  Which basically goes like this.  We the self-proclaimed draft experts are upset that you, the professionals, did not draft according to our Big Board which was based on our limited non-professional analysis of talent and this has made us mad, so we give you a bad grade… so there.

It’s one of the most insane things I have ever seen.  Plus, I don’t think you can even give out grades on a draft class until at least 3 years have passed, because how can you grade how a player will be in the NFL until he at least has played 1 NFL game.  Ugh… pure nonsense.

The Big Board has means nothing to the Chargers.One of the best moments in the Tom Telesco post draft press conference is when he was asked about taking Craig Mager in the third round.  The question was something along the lines of – why did you take a 5th round talent in the 3rd round?  Tom’s answer was, “Because we had him in the 3rd round.”  Guess what?  The Chargers professionals don’t seem to care what the so-called experts think.  I love it.  The Chargers believe in themselves and what they are doing.  They don’t need to look over someone else’s shoulder to make sure they are doing it right.

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The Chargers mean it when the say they are going to draft BPAGoing into the draft we all thought Telesco was blowing smoke at us.  Sure you are going to draft BPA.  Like, right after you draft a RB, DT and a G.  But to the surprise of most of us, he did it.  We were screaming at the TV and posting on forum pages about the outrage of what he was doing and he just kept doing it.  Loved it.  In that same post draft press conference someone questioned him about addressing the teams needs and Tom answer, “Maybe what we think our needs and weaknesses and strengths are may differ from what other people think.”  I loved it when he said it.  Basically he was telling the experts to shush, because the pros were talking.

Another thing this communicates to us is that TT and McCoy are comfortable with who they have on the offensive line and the defensive line… gulp… yeah, the defensive line.  Carrethers and Mathews are going to get a chance to play.  About a month ago Telesco made a comment about the young players on D needing to step up.  Crap!  The dude was freaking serious.  Ok here we go … in TT we trust.

What is this Impact Player you speak of?Well there were 7 of them in the draft and 6 were gone.  We needed to pull the trigger. I love it.  The idea that there are players out there that are not just players but champions.  We need this guy because he is a champion that others will rally behind and that the opposing foe will need to plan for.

So, if it is true that these Impact Heroes exist do we have some on the team already?  Who might they be.  Who do we have on our team that forces other teams to change their game plan?

I have 6 of these champions… Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Danny Woodhead, Eric Weddle, Brandon Flowers and now Melvin Gordon.

Bring on the impact players!