San Diego Chargers will keep eye on La’el Collins situation


The San Diego Chargers will be keeping their eyes on the La’el Collins situation.

The San Diego Chargers will be watching the progress of LSU OT La’el Collins. The team will be waiting to see if his name is cleared of the murder of his ex-girlfriend. If his name is cleared, Tom Telesco has to be in hot pursuit of the young stud offensive lineman.

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Collins was expected to be a top draft pick entering the draft and the Chargers had to have considered him with the first round selection, but when his name was brought up in the murder of his ex-girlfriend all the teams around the league started to waver on the idea of wasting a selection on a player that may not be allowed to stay in the league. All of the teams passed on him in the draft, but if his name is cleared he will get the opportunity to sign with any team he chooses.

The Chargers should have a great opportunity for him. In the draft, the Chargers didn’t pick up a big time lineman to push Johnnie Troutman out of the starting lineup and could immediately use someone like Collins on the starting lineup. Collins would likely win the starting role out of training camp and would get to work with a young offensive line and young running back. He could line up with D.J. Fluker on the right side of the line to form a mean blocking combination to create holes for Melvin Gordon. He would get a ton of experience and exposure and would get the chance to make the money he missed out on when he becomes a free agent.

Collins was considered one of the top lineman entering the draft, but the unfortunate situation pushed him off of draft boards. The Chargers will be interested.

If the team is able to add Collins to the roster, then this draft will come out smelling like roses. The team basically would be able to add two first round draft selections onto the roster. Let’s hope that Collins is cleared of the murder and also hope that he is interested in joining the San Diego Chargers. It would be an amazing steal by the Chargers.

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