2015 NFL Draft Day 2: San Diego Chargers Open Thread


Day 2 of the 2015 NFL Draft is here. The San Diego Chargers hold a couple of picks tonight and will be looking to add some depth on the roster. 

The open thread is always a success with the Chargers fans. You guys do a great job of keeping the conversation going and talking about the draft selections that we bring in. Melvin Gordon is the newest San Diego Chargers on the roster and the team will be looking to find more prospects to add to the team.

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The team will be looking to find some help in the trenches with their picks. They will be looking to find someone who can step in on the offensive line and start immediately.

Johnnie Troutman was one of the worst offensive lineman in the game last season and he still is holding onto a starting role if the season were to start today. The team needs to find someone who can put him on the bench. If the team wants to run the ball with Melvin Gordon, then they will need to find someone who can make holes up front. Troutman will not be that guy.

The San Diego Chargers will also need to find some depth on the defense. The depth is too thin at a number of positions, but the linebacker group and the defensive front is really lacking some talent. The team needs to find some players that can contribute immediately in the front 7. One of the picks from today should be used to address that issue.

What do you think the Chargers will do with their draft picks today?

I placed a pic on who I think the Chargers will pick in the 2nd round again. We will see if I am correct with this pick. If you have not been to our open threads in the past, you just hit up the comments section and talk to the peeps that are here. We are family.

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