Chargers GM Tom Telesco hates defensive lineman


Chargers history make us believe that Tom Telesco hates defensive lineman.

Does Tom Telesco hate defensive lineman? For the last couple of seasons, the Chargers have been in need of a defensive lineman up front, but have barely made any movement to make improvements up there.

Kendall Reyes and Sean Lissemore have been the starters up front for the last couple of seasons and the only d-line player that Telesco has picked up in the draft is Ryan Carrethers. Why hasn’t the Chargers looked to add any playmakers in the trenches the last couple of seasons? We all know that it was something the team needed, but we didn’t select anyone until the 5th round of the draft.

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In 2013, the Chargers could have taken Star Lotulelei in the first round if they wanted to, but they went with D.J. Fluker intstead. Star was expected to be taken as the top player at one point in the draft and was still available when the Chargers made their selection. The team was in desperate need of a left tackle at the time and all the left tackles were off of the board, but Telesco took the right tackle over the idea of taking the star d-line player.

In 2014, the Chargers had the opportunity to take another top nose tackle with Louis Nix available in the 2nd round of the draft, but the team traded up to take Jerry Attaochu instead.

When Telesco came on board, Aubrayo Franklin was locking fown the nose tackle position and he did a nice job in the middle for the team. He helped the other guys on the roster play better, but Telesco allowed him to walk in free agency and he signed with the Indianapolis Colts instead of stayin in San Diego.

Since Telesco has been on board, we have not made any big moves on the defensive line. We have traded for Sean Lissemore. We have signed Ricardo Mathews off of the street. We signed free agent Mitch Unrein who was only able to play in 8 games last season. Where is the love?

In the coming draft, fans are hoping that Tom Telesco will select Malcom Brown or Danny Shelton if they are available, but Tom Telesco hates d-line players. Will he finally change his feelings toward them in this draft?

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