Chargers have not talked to Titans about Rivers trade


The trade rumors about the Tennessee Titans could start to dwindle, but that doesn’t mean the team doesn’t have a quarterback issue. 

All the talk about a Philip Rivers trade to the Tennessee Titans should start to die down after Tom Telesco’s recent press conference and with the latest information from a team source saying that the two sides have not talked at all. Telesco said that Philip is our quarterback and they want him to be here for years to come. Can we finally see the rumor start to die and the fans can start looking at the 17th selection in the draft again? Philip Rivers holding the starting job for at least one more season.

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We do wonder what it will take to sign Philip to a long-term deal. Philip is not interested in moving from San Diego to Los Angeles, but he would be interested in moving from San Diego to somewhere else? What will he do when he becomes a free agent?

The team may not have talked to the Titans about a possible trade, but the biggest issue is the future of Philip in San Diego. Will the team be able to re-sign him to a long-term deal? When the team starts those talks with Philip, will they be able to convince him to stick around until he decides to hang them up.

If they are unable to get a commitment out of Philip, then the problem remains. We won’t have a quarterback to run the offense. The team could use their franchise tag to keep him around for a little bit longer, but there will be questions about retirement.

The team has to start thinking about the future at the position. Marcus Mariota might not be the quarterback that we take in this draft, but we could be taking a quarterback early with the thoughts of him taking over the starting job fairly soon. Kellen Clemens will not be the quarterback for the future on this roster. The team will have to find that guy to take over that role and they could do it in this NFL Draft.

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